Welcome to the Official PowerBBS Support Site
Telnet BBS Software for 2020!

2020 - The year PowerBBS returned. What else could you expect from 2020?

Telnet to the Support BBS

Logon to the Official Support BBS
Live at bbs.powerbbs.com

Free Software
PowerBBS will run under Windows 7 and prior versions. Windows 10 does not support 16-bit programs, and the config program still is 16-bit.

To install:

Download the PowerBBS December 15th, 2020 compile!

Unzip the latest powerbbs files.
You will find four files.
1. pbbs_legacy_intall.zip is the old install program. Unzip this into a temp directory, then run SETUP.EXE from that directory. Tell setup to install the 32-bit version and the registered version.

2. copy BBSC2_32.DLL and PBBSF32 to \windows\system.

3. copy powrbbs.exe to \powrbbs

4. Login to the support bbs and then enter an e-mail asking for your free serial number. Tell us the SYSOP name you are using.

Thanks to Bob Hodges, who retrieved our old PowerBBS website and posted it at powerbbs.net. You can telnet to Bob's PowerBBS at http://powerbbs.net/PowerLinkBBS.htm where you can find lots of old legacy programs.